(1)Room rates

Sun. - Thu.

include one double room
and two family rooms

NT 8,700
NT 7,400
NT 8,000
King size
NT 2,500
NT 2,000
NT 2,200
Two doubles
NT 3,000
NT 2,600
NT 2,800
Two doubles
NT 3,200
NT 2,800
NT 3,000

¡°Our price include breakfast.
¡°You can use a credit card or cash consumption.
¡°We charge NT 400 dollars for an extra bed.

(2)How to Make a Reservation

1.Reserve via Email¡Gaa.kei@msa.hinet.net or puliakei@gmail.com? (To A-Kei)

2.Reserve via Facebook¡GFacebook ID¡Gaa.kei@msa.hinet.net (message to³¯¥¨³Í),LINE:aakei

3.Please check website for your prefer room type available before make a reservation

4.Please inform us the following ?information by mail or facebook message.

a.Your name.
b.Number of people
c.Room type
d.Check in date
e.Transportation Service(pick up service, by taxi, by bus)
f.Any special demand (e.g. flower, birthday cake¡K)

5.Foreign guests do not have to pay the deposit in advance.

6.Reservation is completed after recieve A-Kei confirmation mail.

7.Reservation will show on Google Calender. Please come here in schedule.

(3)About your stays, there are something we have to remind you.

1.We don't provide towel, bath towel and hair brush in our guest houses, please bring them with you. If you need our help, please let us know in the reservation mail.

2.If you have cell phone in Taiwan, please contact A-Kei before you arrive in Pu-Li. A-Kei's cell phone number is 0932-59-3320.

(4)When You Arrive in Pu-Li

1.If you come to Pu-Li by bus, please get off at Pu-Li bus Station. you can make a call by public telphone in KFC just beside the bus station, if you need A-Kei's pick up service.

2.If you come to Pu-Li by cab, please tell driver our address as follow.
Shai Ten-E artist's B&B.
No.77, Shuitou Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

3.Normally, Check-In time is after 3:30 PM, Check-Out time is before 11:00 AM.

(5)Something You might need to know about:

1.About the traffic issue, we suggest you can use ¡§ Tour Guide with ¡¨ taxi . It¡¦s easy and time saving. The detail is listed in Traffic Support.

2.If you choose visit by bus, please check bus website and schedule. Nantou bus. Kuo_kuang bus. Green bus. Chuan bus.

3.We will very appreciate if you can inform us in advance when you change your travel plan or not coming to stay in A-Kei's Guest Houses.

(Thank you for your reservation and support.)